Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra Review

wonderbra ultimate strapless
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Wonderbra weren’t kidding when they called this the ultimate – after so many years, a designer finally cracked strapless bras and made sure that the design scales up to offer support to those of us above a D cup.

I have tried and tested quite a few strapless bras, and ultimately gave up on finding anything I’d really want to wear on a day to day basis. As a 34F I just couldn’t get my head around why designers kept just cutting the straps off a bra and expecting that to be enough.

typical strapless bra

Enter, the Ultimate Strapless Bra.

It’s got everything you need – grippy plastic strips (that are actually totally redundant), a stiff shape, a longline band so that it can actually hold you up and provide support (rather than just holding your boobs still and hoping for the best), and their bizarre little metal hands that push your boobs up in true Wonderbra fashion.

The hands are the best bit – Wonderbra have totally rethought the strapless bra and all I can say is – it was about time!

Wonderbra' s Ultimate Strapless pushup bra in black

Shape and Sizing

I read that the sizing for these was a bit on the small side where bands are concerned, but I ordered a 34 anyway and I’m glad I did – I don’t think I would have felt as secure in a larger band.

The shape is smooth, with plenty of projection but no conical boobs in sight. The bra does push my boobs up and out – way more than my usual everyday bras so I’m pretty impressed. It gives me good cleavage without making it obvious that it’s down to a fantastic bra.

Comfort and Fit

The longline band makes this really comfortable – I usually find strapless bras quite pinchy, but I can wear this all day without feeling the need to throw it out the window. Now I’m thinking about all of those strapless and off the shoulder tops I could have bought but didn’t because I didn’t want to go braless…

The band goes down quite low, so I don’t get any bra pudge and it feels like all of the pressure is being distributed pretty well rather than falling on a 1-inch band around me. Amazingly I wore it out for a day and didn’t need to adjust it at all, even with a few escalator climbs.

The Verdict

This bra definitely deserves all of the praise it’s getting – my only regret is that I didn’t try it out sooner and manage to wear one for my wedding (when I opted for a strapless AP number). I’ve jumped, jiggled, run up stairs, and spent an entire day with this on – I’m definitely getting another one in black and buying a lot of bardot dresses.

Order your Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Pushup Bra here.


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