Vintage-Style Gowns That Go Beyond Luxury

emerald and palm viviene
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Ever since seeing that picture of Irene Adler in a vintage peignoir again, I’ve been obsessing over gowns. I’ve started a Pinterest board full of gorgeous retro lingerie and there are just so many beautiful pieces.

Luxury now is in the fabrics and details, but we just don’t seem to go for the same shameless excess as the golden age of Hollywood. They used more fabric in a single gown than I have in all of my maxi skirts, and then added fur trims without thinking anything of it. Functionality completely went out of the window in favour of creating jaw-dropping pieces that my cats would definitely dispose of within 12 seconds.

Luckily, we still have designers who are willing to put form miles before function and create truly decadent designs that would make Mae West proud.

Boudoir by D’Lish

Catherine D’Lish is a theatrical costume designer who definitely lives up to the name – she creates beautiful dressing gowns, night gowns, and loungewear that’ll make you throw out all of your food and stock the entire fridge with nothing but champagne.

dove grey cassandra dressing gown ivory dressing gown by dlish ostrich cassandra dressing gown rita silk charmeuse gown and marabou cuffs romantic sheer dressing gown sheer leopard dressing gown


Amoralle Inese Ozola is based in Latvia – her designs though look like they come from another time or maybe even just a fairytale. The delicate tulle, french lace, and dramatic silhouettes make each robe look like a red-carpet dress, rather than something to throw on after a shower.

magnum robe amoralletulle frill robe amorallevelvet gown by amoralle

silk queen robe by amoralle

black tulle gown amoralle

Emerald and Palm

Emerald and Palm are based in Hollywood, and inspired by the Hollywood golden age. Every single piece oozes glamour, and makes me want to reach for the red lipstick.

emerald and palm viviene noir grey viviene emerald and palm

Which would you wear?

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