Silk Pyjamas: Classic or Modern?

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I never used to really ‘do’ pyjamas – if I was lounging around the house I’d just wear old t-shirts and shorts or leggings. Despite a total obsession with underwear, PJs never really came into it. That was until I ended up in M&S on a lunch break and bought these pyjama trousers (pic below) since they were cheap and look pretty (I just checked the site and I’m afraid these are discontinued, but these are pretty similar and only cost a tenner).

m&s pyjamas

I’m not sure how, but they kind of converted me. They’re just light and comfy, the waist band is perfect for vegging out and watching Netflix for 7 hours on end. And they actually make me feel pretty.

Since then I’ve slowly started to hunt down pyjamas that do the same thing, and it’s all come to an pretty obvious conclusion – luxury silk pyjamas.

The two kings seem to be Yolke and La Perla, who sit at pretty much opposite corners where design’s concerned.

Yolke Silk Pyjamas

I love Yolke’s designs and feel –  the silk is incredibly thin but has some stretch to it, and the modern prints are fantastic. The marble collection is really pretty but I think I’m totally sold on the cactuses/cacti.  I can feel pretty and refined, but still eat alphabetti spaghetti on toast without feeling too disappointed in myself. Or open the door to someone without feeling like I was maybe trying to seduce them just a little bit. yolke cactus pyjamas yolke marble pyjamas

Yolke still do classic pretty well – they have plenty of candy-striped designs, beautiful piping, and classic white pyjamas that look like they need to be worn on a balcony in the south of France somewhere.


while silk yolke pyjamas

La Perla Silk Pyjamas

La Perla is completely classic and luxurious, as always. There’s no way I could wear these and eat a pop tart without feeling bad. I also don’t think I could run down to the corner shop in them without it being blatantly obvious that I’m wearing PJs rather than being on-trend with the whole pyjama ‘look’. la perla maison pyjamas

I love these moonlight trousers though. That isn’t a slash down the side – it’s delicate mesh that manages to make them look slouchy and sexy at the same time. When it comes to pyjamas and loungewear I’m always conflicted between wanting to look like that, and knowing that my cats will slash anything that shows the slightest hint of weakness. Yolke could withstand that but I’m not sure these bottoms could.

la perla moonlight pyjamas

And like Yolke, La Perla have a completely plain, classic version. There’s no modern piping though, just soft, smooth silk that looks a lot more grown up.

la perla silk essence cassock pyjamas

Which do you prefer?