Playful Promises Cordelia Lace Overlay Bra Review

playful promises bra review
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I love everything about Playful Promises’ DD-G range – the fabrics, the fact that the bras are sexy the same way that ‘normal sized’ bras are, even the photography and choice of model are fantastic. I was really excited to get the Cordelia since I’ve seen so many photos of the beautiful Miss Deadly Red wearing it on Instagram.

playful promises cordelia red lace review

It’s the first time I’ve tried any Playful Promises bras and they do seem to run slightly large. The band was fine but the underwire on the cups came back further than usual since the cups are quite deep compared to other bras I have in the same size.

The lace overlay is incredibly soft and the straps are just the right width – not so thin they look bizarre with the bra, but not so thick that I they remind me of some sort of scaffolding. The red is slightly pinkier than I expected, but I’m definitely fine with that.

The bra gives a great, rounded shape with a little cleavage and sits comfortably. I don’t really think it’s a bra for a hot day, but it’s the UK and we get about 4 of them a year so it’s hardly a complaint.

My only tiny issue is the lace that comes out just below the band and just over the cups – it’s lovely when it’s positioned just right and photographed, but putting tops on and off will definitely make it tuck and move. It’s just the nature of material and there isn’t really anything Playful Promises can do about it – it just means that if you’re a bit obsessive with that stuff (like me) you’ll want to adjust it.

All in all, I definitely think I’ll be buying from Playful Promises again.