How to Try on a Bra

It seems pretty simple, right? You just put the bra on, if it feels ok you buy it. When you’ve been through a few bras that turn into your enemy after exactly 2.3 hours, you’ll learn a few tricks about trying it on and finding out if it’ll keep you feeling snug all day or inexplicably stab you in the armpit. Here’s my way of trying on bras to give you some tips – it’s basically the boob equivalent of doing squats in your brand new jeans.

Scoop Them Up

First of all, get your boobs in the right position. Just scoop underneath and pull them up into the cup so that they’re sitting in it and not getting pinched or pushed down at all. They should sit comfortably and be completely contained within the bra.

Jump Around

I used to only do a jump test in sports bras, but I found that walking a lot + bras that aren’t right = quadruple boob halfway through the day. The best way to see if your potential bra can handle the usual movement of your boobs (without spending a whole day in it) is just to do a bit of light bouncing in the changing room. If your bra can’t take the usual up and down of your day, this is when you’ll know.

Shimmy Shimmy

Getting your bra in the right position on your rib cage is just as important as everything else in this list. Hold onto the underwire of your bra and move it so that it’s just on the ‘root’ of your boob (ie. where the breast tissue starts). If you can’t get it to the right position, it probably means it’s not the right type or fit of bra. It’s better to find that out in the changing room than halfway through a meeting with a random pinch.

Put a T-Shirt On

I always used to judge how good a bra is by how well it fit and how good my boobs looked in it. The problem is, you’ll spend the majority of your time clothed. Some bras looked fantastic with no clothe on, but just strange and a bit conical when I put anything on.

Tight t-shirts are probably the most unforgiving when it comes to bras – they’ll highlight your shape, refuse to hide your seams, and show you any bulges around your band. Perfect for seeing if your bra will look good every day. If you aren’t wearing a t-shirt, just take your dress/top and pull it over your chest until it shows the outline of your chest and waist. If you like how it looks, it’ll work. If it looks slightly odd, you need to decide whether it’s a bra you’ll really wear all that often with clothes.

Do you have any weird bra-trying rituals? Let me know!