Boux Avenue Review for the Tori Lace Plunge Bra

tori lace plunge review
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The Shop

I bought this bra the first time I set foot in a Boux Avenue shop. I do most of my shopping online – I don’t particularly like shopping but make exceptions for good lingerie shops and book shops. The Boux Avenue shop is beautifully laid out with plenty of space to take in the lingerie and various accessories they sell. My favourite part is definitely the changing rooms – you’ve probably heard about the 3 types of lighting in there (day, dusk, and night) – a huge treat from the unflattering fluorescent lights you usually find in highstreet shops.

I usually head straight for the drawer/section with my size when there is one, and the Tori bra stood out as pretty, lacy, and I loved the way that the overlay created triangular cups. The nude lining almost makes the bra feel see through, and the overall shape makes it feel much higher end than it is.

The Bra

I spent a little too long looking at myself in the 3 different types of light, but then started looking at the bra. It is a beautiful bra, but the fitting wasn’t quite right.

The most immediate problem was that the cup sizes seem to come up quite small – a 34F is fine for me in the majority of brands I try, but in this case I had quad boob and an arching band. The cups are fairly shallow for the size – the cup from underwire to nipple is a full 0.5 inches smaller than it is on my trusty Freya Deco, which is probably the root of most of my issues with this bra. It may fit others perfectly, but just didn’t suit me. If you have a lot of projection, you will need to try a sister size or consider another model.

The straps were also fairly uncomfortable in the short time wearing it – the straps themselves look quite thick but most of that is just a lace decoration. The elastic on the strap that actually does the work is actually very thin and can cut in very quickly.

The Verdict

All in all, I really wish this bra fit properly. It’s beautiful and well designed, and my only real gripe that isn’t personalised to my shape/size is that the straps need a bit of rethinking to make sure that they spread the weight more evenly.