Avocado Lingerie – A-K Cup Bra Brand

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One of the great things about the world of lingerie on the internet is how it’s allowed us to see designs and buy directly from small brands all over the world – this has been a fantastic boost for smaller designers who are just starting out and can’t convince boutiques to invest in large amounts of stock. Likewise, it’s made it easier for women outside the A-G matrix to find beautiful bras that fit.

Avocado Lingerie is based in Poland – like many other Eastern European brands like Ewa Michalak and Comexim, it’s highly unlikely we’d have access to the quality and ranges they offer without the current digital marketplace. The brand originally made bras from C-K cups, but started a small collection more recently with some bras running in A-C as well. They use fabrics such as Swiss tulle and French lace to create supportive, practical bras that work in both the larger and smaller sizes.

What drew me to the brand isn’t necessarily the generous size range, but the way they use the materials and how they present their designs. While I’m a strong supporter of body positivity, I’m always wary of campaigns that seek to commercialise it – maybe I’m just a bit too cynical but whether large advertisers are trying to sell on the basis of hating or loving your perceived flaws, they’re still really doing the same thing. A lot of the campaigns can end up being patronising and pretty insincere. Avocado’s brand manages to be body positive, avoid over-photoshopping, and use more natural looking make up, and models who have a more ‘normal’ bodyshape without any fan fare or expecting praise for it. The photography is beautiful, the styling is relaxed, and the overall effect is being able to see how the lingerie looks on a person, rather than how it looks after 17 hours of photoshopping. It has a relaxed grace to it, and I can’t stop admiring the styling, photography, and everything else about how they choose to present their beautiful bras.

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