Amazing Pieces from the La Perla Sale & New Collection

la perla jacket heading
Figleaves US

I’ve been in love with La Perla silks and styling for years. Unfortunately the maximum cup size they offer is a D, so I have to enjoy that part vicariously through friends who can buy their bra sets there and make the most of the occasional cami or gown that fits.

The latest collections at La Perla are predictably gorgeous – some of the styles have been inspired by Oscar Niemeyer – a Brazilian architect. The strict sculptural style is beautiful on the runway, but it’s always a little too stiff for me.

The way they mix feathers and lace with sleek silhouettes is my favourite thing about the new collection. I’m a bit obsessed with textures, and the feathers almost look a bit Alexander McQueen in the way they’re used, but without quite as much volume.

la perla feathersla perla jacket

You can see the architectural influence in the trousers below and the way that the silhouette isn’t quite a sleek an simple as the ones above. Again, I think it looks beautiful on the model and works really well for the shoot, but it’s not something I’d wear or could ever pull off reasonably.

la perla turquoise setlaperla

There is currently a La Perla sale with 40% Off. I always gravitate towards the lacier pieces but there are some gorgeous camiknickers and scarves reduced now that I just can’t resist.

These three seem to span everything from adorable, to fresh, to sexy. The camiknicker is so sweet and I almost wish it came in pyjama form too.

merveille camiknicker la perla  la perla edenic bra set la perla eden bustier

I’ve also uncovered a few bits that are 75% off and under £70, which I never thought I’d see when it comes to La Perla gowns and bras. (There are affiliate links on the images that go straight through to the items on La Perla’s site).

This entire collection is on sale and is absolutely lush – the colour is gorgeous.