5 Great Bra Brands for Small Backs and Large Cups

Figleaves US

When putting together the big list of bra brands and 12 brands for larger cups  a lot of women told me that they struggled to find bras that offered larger bust sizes combined with a small back measurement. In some cases, even if the brand offered both separately they would only offer the DD+ bras in larger back sizes.

These are 5 more brands that offer DD+ sizes in a 30 back or smaller. The default measurement I looked for was 30F, since that would get rid of everybody who stopped at a 32 back or only offered DD or E cups in a 32 or smaller.

All Undone – 28-34, D-GG

all undone bra

All Undone is a small Welsh brand that specifically caters to women with large busts and smaller frames. They describe the standard ‘beige and thick strap’ larger bust offering as getting school books for your birthday, which why they focus on creating elegant, comfortable designs that feel luxurious for women with 28-34 backs, and D-GG cups.

Edge o Beyond – 30-36, B-F

edgeobeyond bra

Edge o Beyond only offer the small back/large cup combo in certain bras, but they’re absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, the site also doesn’t let you search by size so it’s a bit hit and miss. The bra pictured above is the Pearl bra and is available in the full range of sizes. The Naomi bra is available up to an E cup, as are the Caris, Evie, Elise and Iris bras.

ASOS Fuller Bust – 30-36, DD-G

asos fuller bust

ASOS isn’t the most obvious choice for big cup lingerie, but they have some fantastic styles in larger cup sizes. There are plenty of well-sculpted, simple styles as well as fashionable bondage-inspired shapes and lacy balconettes.

Lepel – 30-38, A-J


lepel fiore bra

You can find Lepel bras in a 30J cup when not on the website (Brastop is one stockist). The brand website itself only looks like it stocks up to a G cup, so larger sizes will take a bit more effort to find. The outlet has some great offers on right now, including 30F bras for just £5 each.

Pour Moi – 30-44, B-J

pour moi lingerie

Pour Moi are stocked all over the country, so you can find their bras on ASOS, Figleaves, and SimplyBe (to name a few). It’s another UK-based brand with a huge range of sizes – they’re a great bet for supportive, attractive bras in larger sizes.